“I principally felt adjustments earlier than I noticed any. Feeling happier, extra comfy, much less anxious,” explains Schwartz. “And the ‘downsides’ are so insignificant in comparison with feeling comfy in your physique and the way you current to the world.”

As famous in different guides to testosterone, some concern the best way T may change their feelings, presumably turning into angrier, a concern which has been fueled by stereotypes of steroids. Goldstein says that she recommends all her sufferers work with a therapist whereas beginning hormones to assist navigate their feelings throughout such a giant time of change. She says that the feelings that come up are, “ever due simply to testosterone, however dealing with transphobia through the coming-out course of is tough, and everybody acts in another way. Dealing with this whereas testosterone is making some adjustments about how you are feeling issues will be actually difficult, and it is good to have a daily ear to assist work issues out as they come up.”

Although T does form your feelings, you might be nonetheless you. “Some individuals discuss turning into a completely completely different particular person in transition… however it’s by no means simply testosterone. Testosterone is just one piece of the puzzle and infrequently will get blamed for issues that folks do throughout transition which are only a common a part of turning into the particular person we wish to be,” explains Goldstein.

Hair Development

Elevated physique hair is par for the course with testosterone. Goldstein explains, “There is no solution to management the place the hair grows when taking testosterone.” Even with a smaller dose, it begins to sprout in locations you may not in any other case have it, like in your face, thighs, chest, and arms. Texturally, the hair may grow to be coarse as effectively. UCSF’s Transgender Care web site suggests males in your loved ones for a way of how your hair may develop with testosterone.

The hair follicles that grow to be activated do not go away, and even off T, you’ll nonetheless develop hair in these locations. For those who’re fearing hair progress on T, know that hair removing choices like waxing, shaving, or laser/electrolysis hair removing are potential. On the flip aspect, these adjustments will also be gender euphoric. “I had a noticeable quantity of facial hair about six months in. All the things felt good,” Schwartz defined.


Individuals on T usually expertise some deepening of their voice, albeit at completely different phases and depending on dosing. As many sources acknowledge, voice adjustments are irreversible. Personally, I’ve felt the change come from inside, although with out a lot noticeable distinction at current. There are practically infinite movies on-line throughout TikTok, YouTube, and different social media. (Personally, I’ve been following TikTok consumer @shovelbug, since we began T across the identical time and it’s been attention-grabbing to match my progress to theirs.)


On the subject of intercourse and intercourse drive, T has the flexibility to alter how you are feeling and the place you are feeling it, however stereotypes about how attractive you may get and the way your sexuality may develop are largely depending on you. Some adjustments in libido are to be anticipated. As UCSF’s overview of masculinizing hormone remedy states, “you might discover that completely different intercourse acts or completely different components of your physique deliver you erotic pleasure. Some individuals discover that their sexual pursuits, sights, or orientation might change when taking testosterone. It’s best to discover these new emotions somewhat than preserve them bottled up.” It is true that some trans males expertise adjustments in sexual choice, however analysis suggests, “confusion earlier than and after transitioning, social and self-acceptance, in addition to idea of sexual orientation” might clarify adjustments in choice throughout hormone remedy.

Modifications to Genitalia, or “Backside Development”

Testosterone promotes bodily adjustments to your genitalia, specifically clitoral enlargement, colloquially known as “backside progress.” Backside progress will not reverse after stopping T and is usually cited as a concern for these beginning out however is definitely one of many first marked adjustments that people observe. “I used to be actually scared about backside progress,” Schwartz explains, however he says that in hindsight, his fears had been “foolish and largely merchandise of my internalized transphobia.”


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