Dry pores and skin is attributable to a mix of issues — dehydration, environmental stressors, vitamin deficiencies, the listing goes on. However there’s a pores and skin situation that causes infected, itchy pores and skin. It’s known as eczema. In keeping with the Nationwide Eczema Affiliation, one in 10 Individuals will get eczema sooner or later of their lives (peaking in early childhood), and there are at the moment 31.6 million Individuals residing with it. The underside line: eczema is actual and quite common.

However what precisely causes eczema? “Eczema triggers are extremely variable and will embrace something from stress, irritating substances, environmental exposures, sickness, and allergic reactions — each meals and seasonal,” says Rachel Maiman, a board-certified beauty and normal dermatologist. Briefly, these with eczema have a hyperactive immune system that responds to at least one or a number of triggers by producing irritation leading to pink, itchy, flaky pores and skin which will crack or bleed.

When the barrier’s integrity is compromised, moisture is allowed to flee and microbes are extra feasibly allowed to enter, which predisposes to an infection. For these with a extra intrinsic type of eczema, it’s a results of a mutation within the gene liable for creating filaggrin, a protein integral to preserving the integrity of the pores and skin barrier, says Maiman.

The excellent news is you possibly can topically heal the affected pores and skin and stop flares of signs. Listed here are six components that assist soothe, calm and, in some circumstances, forestall eczema from wreaking havoc in your pores and skin.


Petrolatum (or petroleum jelly, derived from petroleum) is a thick emollient that helps forestall 99 p.c of water loss out of your pores and skin. By protecting water locked within the broken outer layers the place it’s poor, the pores and skin is way more able to repairing that barrier. As for that 1 p.c of water left to flee?

“Petrolatum could be very helpful as a result of it’s essential that the pores and skin not be sealed fully for lengthy intervals,” says Maiman. “Some water loss is vital as a result of it indicators a suggestions mechanism that triggers the manufacturing of the lipids (fat) that may be considered the bricks of a pores and skin barrier paying homage to brick and mortar.”

Apply immediately on breakouts after bathing or all through the day if itching happens.

Vaseline Authentic Unscented Petroleum Jelly is pure petrolatum with no added scents, fragrances, or components. For a handy, mess-free utility, attempt Vaseline All-Over Physique Balm Jelly Stick, a stick that is nice for concentrating on cussed eczema patches and hard-to-reach areas.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is a pure ingredient that’s confirmed to be useful in each treating and relieving the signs of eczema. “Oatmeal is an emollient, which helps moisturize the pores and skin by defending the pores and skin barrier and offering moisture to the pores and skin,” says Orit Markowitz, a New York Metropolis-based board-certified dermatologist. “It’s also an anti-inflammatory, which targets and helps deal with irritation and redness.”


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